Our way of working

Our ambition is to minimise our environmental load 

Road transports are today a matter of course – as are all kinds of goods transports. The environmental problems caused by different kinds of transports, on the other hand, should never be taken for granted. 
Never before have we been able to transport people and goods as simply, as quickly and as far as we can today. As a matter of fact, transports are one of the major prerequisites of our industrial community, vital for its day-to-day operation. 
Unfortunately, transports also have a considerable, negative impact on our environment, what with exhaust emissions and other side effects. 

It is thus of utmost importance for us to continue to develop solutions that economise on resources and optimise our energy utilisation; solutions that provide health safety and a sustainable environment. 

In line with this ambition, Karlshamns Expressbyrå has been certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001. This means that we are now committed to a continuous reduction of our environmental load. Would you like to read our Environmental Policy, click here. 

Environmental Coordinator 
Per-Henrik Persson