The year is 1900, when it all started: Karlshamns Expressbyrå was founded by Anton Julius Nilsson.




Anton Nilsson having established Karlshamns Expressbyrå on Norra Fogdelyckegatan 10 in 1900, H P Andersson took over the company and remained its owner up to 1915. In 1916 Sven Persson acquired the business and was joined by his uncle Oskar Persson in 1919.




Karlshamns Expressbyrå moves to Drottninggatan 83. The company invests in its first automobile and a lorry.




The decade of large lorries. The beginning of road transports to Malmoe.




In the 1940s, the company built its own warehouse on Ågatan. The second world war was on – hence the use of producer-gas cars.




Automobiles and lorries are taking over, with horses becoming a rarity. Bror and Gunnar Persson, sons of Oskar and Sven Persson, take over the company on 1 January 1954.




Transports throughout the county are growing strongly and rapidly. Gravel transports are booming, as are freight forwarding services. Large trailers are introduced on the market in the early sixties.




In December 1970, after 50 years on the Drottninggatan address, the company moves to Munkahus where state-of-the-art office and storage facilities are waiting. Bror Persson retires from the company, selling his share to Gunnar Persson.




The company is the proud owner of several state-of-the-art, high-capacity vehicles. Local hauliers join forces to help the Polish people. In 1987, the three sons of Gunnar Persson – Anders, Per-Gunnar and Lars – take over the business.




Cross-border transports are beginning to grow! Karlshamns Expressbyrå has regular transports to Eastern Europe, England and the Nordic countries. A brand new, high-capacity fork lift truck is acquired, and logistic services are expanding.




Karlshamns Expressbyrå has now been in business for 100 years, something that is – of course! – duly celebrated!


Modern vehicles and state-of-the-art technology successfully mixed with memories from the long history of the company.