Environmental policy

We all have an environmental responsibility 

The basis for successful environmental work is that everyone in the organization feel involved. 
Involved can be in many ways more or less, the most important thing is that everyone is struggling to achieve the goals. 

Reduce the environmental impact 

Companies in the transportation industry is and will continue to contribute to a negative impact on the environment, because one must work actively to reduce 
this impact. 

The main environmental issues for the business 

• The emission of exhaust gases and the distribution of particles from vehicle 
• Use of chemicals primarily in connection with service and maintenance 
• Waste from operations 
• Energy - The ambient conditions 

The laws and regulations that govern activities ä minimum levels to follow. 

Our motto is: We must all work to reduce our environmental impact and help each other, to live up to the laws and rules imposed on the operations environment. 

AB Karlshamns Expressbyrå , 2002-07-02

Per-Gunnar Persson (CEO) 
Karin Johansson (QC)